10 Tips for Improving Your Wildlife Photography

In this article I have just spoken to photograph animals in zoos or in a photo safari, and although they speak briefly on how to make amazing pictures of animals. I inadvertently left out of my more advanced items; small friends in many families are an important part of the group. We are mainly discourses about Animal Photography. Although the list is extensive pet can and could find all kinds of animals, we will consider at least the first 5 of the charts. My mother is one of those people who love animals. Especially cats , but when I was little we had different pets in the house , thanks to this experience I can understand the love you feel for pets and for that understand why when I photographed the people and share their images on social networks .

Some tricks for
Animal Photography

If you want to capture your friends with the right quality and produce images that allow them to remember when they are no longer at his side. Must think about using a camera, the images of the cell each day are better, but not without limitations, as device size. The technology used to manufacture compact cameras has improved, so can be used from a compact camera, through the Bridge and from then until the DSLR. No matter what choose, I only advise that if you are among your chances to buy a camera that offers a true optical viewfinder. I mean having the peephole cameras through which we observe it closer to our eye. The reason is very simple, when placing the camera in front of our face, our brow we pasting some stability.
In this picture the man holding the camera with one hand, it may be non gourd mark, but it’s wrong to hold that. If no optical viewfinder, and we have to use the LCD screen that comes in the back, then used both hands.

Perhaps you are not aware but these devices have delays related to the mechanics of them. Therefore, should not expect that the image is created and move once you’ve pressed the shutter button, the image will move or blurred. A pet cannot tell you to hold still for you to send the original photo, maybe just when you are sleeping I can still catch it. But the best moments occur when active, playing, running. It is for this reason that advised them how to hold the camera, but the most important thing is to learn to control the speed of the shot. Automatic mechanisms may not always be as fast as we want, and our restless friends hardly repeat the same pose we wanted to capture.

The answer depends on two things, trust with the pet and the type of camera. But if you’re then you’d better have a good camera zoom or at least allow us to change to use a telephoto lens. Even if our mascot, our presence so close, it will result that we pay attention and look for our love. If that is our idea then it will be perfect. But if we taste it to be the same when playing or when hunting, then we need to keep our distance. My first serious proposal in his favorite place, every pet has a favorite place to be, however it is important that the site has sufficient lighting to avoid Flash. Works perfectly with pets portrait window, following the technique used to people. But in the end you will agree that the best place is where playing, a bird or a fish not many choices, with the cat is a little more variety, because usually play in the yard or garden, although no away house. So here we get some tricks for Animal Photography. 

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