Animal Photography – How to Take Amazing Animal Photos

Here we discourses about ten tips How to Take Amazing Animal Photos your cell phone. Animal Photography is a very interesting subject. The tips come from Macarena who is sponsor of Nikon Chile and teacher of, who realizing pictures of every moment with their phones gave the following advice. If there is plenty of shade, you can take a plate or a white napkin and make the light you have, bouncing to portray the object, like a mirror. Professional photographers use reflective displays, but the cell can also serve a white turtleneck.

Some valuable tips:-

For a good photo, the sun should come in front of the face. The backlight works only when one wants the object or person to photograph it look dark. According to what object pictures. You always have to evaluate whether to take the image vertically or horizontally. The golden rule is that of the planes look nice and is close- general and American. The night is almost impossible with photo cell, goes grainy and pixilated. We must prefer natural light, but there are trends seeking pixilated on purpose. At a concert, for example, if you take a picture you have to take from the stage lights.

Perfectly can be used day to fill. This light is thrown to the subject or the object is to clear shadows. At night, it comes out horrible. More than a meter or meter and a half away, has no effect on the image.

To capture details of a lettuce, strawberry or a flower, professional cameras have a macro. It should approach the subject so that the quality is optimal, when the focus is sharp. That meets the eye, for example, when a brand can clearly read. Such as snapshots and even if they are not good, the photos taken by cell phones are ideal for social networks like Twitter, Face book , Instagram and others. If you see something that hits you, take a photo even if in motion, never miss the chance. The more dedicated the scene and more arrangements have increased production, better and more beautiful will the photo. Ask the person who does not move an inch when clicking.

There are applications that enable the self timer. If not, put your arms at 45 degrees to your face, lift the phone slightly so they do not see the double chin and take the picture. El Support and lens is very small in some cell, it is easy to inadvertently obstruct finger. It is best to always use the fingertips to hold the phone. Always keep the lens, because it tends to accumulate a lot of dust and particles. We piggyback on Climate Change, the overexploitation of natural resources, a humanity that demographic grows and your needs on par with market growth. However, we still have earthling’s planet, and one really amazing in its beauty. To become aware of home we live in, it is necessary to be well aware of the wonders of nature, those that exist without the intervention of civilization, far from the centers of production and we call cities that are still resisting announced Sixth Extinction. So here we get some valuable tips for Animal Photography.

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