How does Formoline L112 work – know the secret

Struggling to lose the winter padding in time for bikini season? Formoline L112 can help.

Whilst not all slimming aids are shown to be effective, or may cause unwanted side-effects, award-winning Formoline L112 can help you achieve your ideal weight, and maintain your desired shape all year round.

Voted best slimming pill six years running by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists and backed by serious science, Formoline L112 effectively aids weight loss, without unwanted side effects. Formoline L112 celebrates 10 years on the market this August and has helped tens of thousands of Europeans achieve their weight loss goals throughout this time.

How does it work?

Formoline L112 contains a naturally sourced fibre which is clinically proven to bind to dietary fats and cholesterol passing through the digestive tract, preventing them from being absorbed by your body. This reduces your overall calorie intake and helps you to lose those excess winter pounds in time for bikini season!

What’s more, you can continue taking Formoline L112 whilst you’re away, to ensure the holiday excess doesn’t come home with you, or more importantly ruin all your pre-holiday hard work!

How much weight you lose will vary depending on many different factors that include your starting weight, gender, individual genetic makeup, dosage of Formoline L112 used and how active you are. However, by using Formoline L112 and the Formoline L112 Eating Plan in conjunction with one another, you should be able to expect a steady weight loss of a pound or two per week until you reach your goal.

What the experts say:

“So many of us yo-yo diet because sticking to a restrictive, unappetizing diet is an incredibly difficult thing to achieve. With Formoline L112 you don’t need to deny yourself every small pleasure! In our daily lives we are often confronted with temptations, be it a morning pastry or that extra biscuit in the office. As we age our metabolisms inevitably slow down, and the diet habits we form in our 20s start to become a problem – that extra piece of chocolate or packet of crisps that never had an impact at 22, start to cause the pounds to pile on in our 30s, which then take a lot more effort and willpower to lose” says medical nutritionist Naomi Beinart.

“One of the key benefits of Formoline L112 inhaltsstoffe is that it will support your weight loss programme and its use can be adapted to fit lifestyle and goals. Fat helps food taste well. Formoline L112 allows you to diet without giving up on the taste of real food and it is designed to work as part of a healthy lifestyle – with Formoline L112 you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods without feeling guilty” comments Professor Nicola Robinson PhD BSc LicAc MFPHM FHEA, professor of complementary medicine and head of the Centre of Complementary Healthcare and Integrated Medicine.

Using Formoline L112 can make controlling your weight just that little bit simpler. It also means you can enjoy some of your favorite higher fat foods without worrying about the consequences quite as much. To really optimize your weight loss results, we suggest you combine taking Formoline L112 with our specially designed Eating Plan. Unlike many “diets” you may have tried in the past it’s tasty, effective and fuss free!

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