Photographing pets: pet photography tips and tricks

Which gives us the best opportunities to create amazing pictures is the dog because he can take it to a park or the beach and play with him, in those places. I need not tell the beautiful scenes that can capture him. Even they can only use the automatic mode, even in these cases could have problems with movement. The flash is very useful to freeze the image, but the animals are bothered so powerful light it emits. So the recommendation is to experiment using aperture priority or shutter priority. Learn to use these modes without the flash; the images will result better without the flash image burning. To prevent flash learn to take advantage of natural or artificial light, that way they can get amazing images without stressing your pet. Otherwise when they see the camera will be very difficult to keep quiet. Animal Photography is a really a novel job.

 Tips on composition and perspective

In a picture where the model cannot be controlled, or at least not as we would like, we must turn to some details. Puppies are like children, are easily distracted, so take advantage of this, putting a person behind us, something that catches your attention. Put pets in a top to you, to avoid to be dragged across the floor, for pictures to match. They can change the perspective to get different pictures of your pet, for example, from under its height, its height from above, behind. During the walk through the park is a good time to photograph a dog. When a cat naps, they can get unique photographs. During the day, follow them around the house, watch and everything you can. The Tripod is a great help, the problem is to get one that is versatile with respect to height, or just have two, one small and one normal.

At the moment I have no pets, for lack of space and time, a pet is a member of the family, requires attention, care and of our time, as a child demands our affection. I think if you have a pet, you should make appropriate and quality time, that having a dog in a hallway or on a balcony, if we get to not walk. The more eel is, the more is the small mm; you’ll have more depth of field and how ms tale, the ms mm you’ll have less depth. Pictures in leaving light trails of car headlights and can you think of what kind of things you can do to improve your photos of contrails.

Photo Pear child as I was spellbound seeing the photos of the postcards you my city night with illuminated buildings and monuments and the streets filled with trails of red, orange.
Probably that was one of my first contacts with the photo that would make most like to learn more at all costs. Definitely one of the most attractive elements of night photography in urban environments is the light trails. Those billowing lights of moving vehicles and in our photos are collected as colored lines drawn more or less capricious ways. The appeal of this type of photos is due to several reasons. It comes to directing the attention in our photos and makes a path to cross it when with eyes. Moreover, in this kind of photos we get to capture something unreal, something you do not see with our own eyes, turning movement in colorful shapes. So here we get some valuable idea for Animal Photography.

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